The tale fo Rutger Heinz

Born to Angelika ‘Die Peitsche’ Heinz, the infamous Bounty Hunter who’s namesake ancestor had stood against, but was killed by, the Great Deceiver. Has one older sister, Ilsa. Rutger’s mother never told them who their biological father was, although she did suggest that he may have been a sea captain, killed at war. She later took a stonemason, Tomas, as her companion, and it was he who raised the children as their father.

Rutger spent his early life travelling from village to village within the northern princedoms of the Border Princes, following his mother as she tracked her prey. It was a hard life in a turbulent place. But Tomas would often seek work in one of the burgeoning towns, his masonry skills proving attractive to the ambitious Princes, their heads filled with dreams of power, palaces and grandeur, so that the children would be safe while their mother stalked her unsuspecting prey thorough the wilderness.

But an evil had been watching, and a vengeance it would take.

For it was upon one of these migrations between settlements, when Rutger was but nine summers old, that the caravan with which his family were travelling came under attack by bandits as it passed through the foothills of the Vaults, near Mortensholm.

Bandit attacks were not uncommon in those unlawful lands, but something about this one was different.

The attackers were well armed and armoured, and howled with murderous intent as they launched their frenzied assault, caring not for their own safety, but only for the opportunity to kill and maim. They threw themselves mercilessly at the outnumbered defenders.

Angelika, yelling to Tomas to hide the children, tore about herself with her deadly barbed whip, shearing limbs, slicing flesh and tearing eyes with every lash, until her arms ran slick with blood and thick gore matted her hair, a dozen men laying dead at her feet. But through the relentless press of barbaric psychopaths strode the bandit’s leader. A tall, armoured figure wearing a heavy cowl. His footfalls were heavy and purposeful, his piercing blue eyes glaring unflinchingly at Angelika from behind a metallic daemonic mask as he strode towards her through the melee.

Angelika grievously wounded by the armoured figure.

Tomas tries to save her but is overpowered by the leader. Angelika is forced to watch as Tomas is tortured to death in front of her.

Rutger lets out a sob as he witnesses Tomas’ grizzly fate, revealing their hiding place. Ilsa is taken by the bandits as a plaything. Rutger is dragged before the leader.

Leader laughs mockingly at Angelika as he condemns Rutger to the fate of Chaos, for the disrespect her family had shown to him in ages past. Rutger screams in agony as the leader imbues him with the raw stuff of magick. Angelika struggles free to save her son but is cut down by one of the bandits.

Rutger survives but mentally scarred. His soul is infused with dark energy, the seed of his magick ability to come. Taken prisoner with Ilsa and the other survivors. Prisoners led towards the Vaults.
…to be continued…

The tale fo Rutger Heinz

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