Sins of the Fathers

In the dwarves ruins

Fled Heideck
Encounter dwarf spectre
Enter ancient dwarven ruins
Encounter tomb robbers
Spectre urges Dante and Mordin to attack robbers.
Spectre triggers dwarf Rune Guardian trap
Spectre is really projection of Balthazar Skell
Rune Guardian hacks robbers to pieces.
Uhtred and Dante badly damage Guardian. Uhtred rips one arm off.
Uhtred critically wounded by the magical construct
Mordin throws bomb
Rutger opens doors and heavily wounded by guardian
Bomb deflected by opening doors
Lands by Uhtred and explodes, almost killing him.
Dante drags him to safety
Rutger casts spell that stuns it
Dante takes advantage and smashes guardian, toppling it onto rutger



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