Sins of the Fathers

In the dwarves ruins

Fled Heideck
Encounter dwarf spectre
Enter ancient dwarven ruins
Encounter tomb robbers
Spectre urges Dante and Mordin to attack robbers.
Spectre triggers dwarf Rune Guardian trap
Spectre is really projection of Balthazar Skell
Rune Guardian hacks robbers to pieces.
Uhtred and Dante badly damage Guardian. Uhtred rips one arm off.
Uhtred critically wounded by the magical construct
Mordin throws bomb
Rutger opens doors and heavily wounded by guardian
Bomb deflected by opening doors
Lands by Uhtred and explodes, almost killing him.
Dante drags him to safety
Rutger casts spell that stuns it
Dante takes advantage and smashes guardian, toppling it onto rutger

Last time...

Mordin met an old acquaintance from Karak Azgaraz, the hold his family were exiled from. The dwarf’s brother was a Lore Keeper there who’d found something deep within the hold’s great archive that could help King Kazador to defeat his nemesis, the orc warboss Gorfang Rotgut. But the brother seems to have disappeared somewhere within Blackfire Pass. Meanwhile, Rutger started a fight with a Witch Hunter that was tailing them, which culminated with Uhtred becoming a werewolf and tearing the Witch Hunter apart before attacking Mordin. They’re now on the run for murdering a Templar of Sigmar.

The Storm Cometh...

The story so far…

In the sleepy, backwater town of Saurapfel lived the halfling Saigram Fief. On one fateful spring day he received word from a crazed looking old man named Max, an acquaintance of old, that his uncle, Hillberry Stillburg had been killed during the on-going siege of distant Middenheim. Hillberry had been the owner of the famous Dragon Ale brewery located in that once great city, and the keys to which he had instructed to be passed to his nephew in the event of his death. Dragon Ale was renowned throughout the Empire and beyond for its crisp, refreshing hoppy taste, and its mythical restorative powers. Saigram, a master thief in his day but now advancing in years, was curious as to why his distant uncle, with a reputation as a crotchety old miser, would leave him such a prized gift, especially as they had never even met. However, the ageing Halfling was now happily settled in the comfort of his Mootland tavern, The Cat’s Trick, and the thought of trudging through war-torn, chaos marauder plagued Imperial provinces did not fill him with enthusiasm. But on the other hand, a famous brewery did mean one thing. Gold. Lots of gold. Yet Saigram still didn’t like the thought of the perilous journey to Middenheim, with all the horrors and dangers to be had along the way. So he sent his son Talin instead…

Talin, through sheer naive determination and no small amount of Ranald’s luck, made it as far as the human town of Untergard unscathed. But the town’s strategic location astride the river Taub, with its ageing stone bridge, mean’t the fighting there was extremely fierce, and even the young Halfling, with slingshot in hand, was forced to assist the town’s defenders in their desperate attempt to repel the beastmen and followers of Archaeon. In the darkest hours, Khazrak, the most powerful Beastman warlord of the Drakwald and the arch nemesis of Count Todbringer, led a surprise night time attack against Untergard. Khazrak’s Beastmen assailed the walls, broke inside and completely overran the eastern half of the town. Talin was caught up in the panic stricken flight of the terrified townsfolk as the beastmen began their slaughter. And it was during this flight from certain butchery down cobbled streets slick with gore that Talin first encountered the grizzled mercenary Muenchbek van Der Haag, and the Wood Elves Siluvain and Ravandil. The ageing, gruff mercenary had been fighting for coin ever since the Storm of Chaos had erupted, and had witnessed at first hand the daemonic might of Belakor The Dark Master at the battle for Ursun’s Teeth far to the north in the frozen lands of Kislev. He had arrived at Untergard seeking a rest from the front line, with the intention of spending his hard fought shillings on cheap ale and cheaper women, but trouble had inevitably followed in his wake. The elf Siluvain, a fey, raven haired beauty was an envoy travelling to Middenheim to deliver a message from her mistress, Naith of Athel Loren, to a scholar of the Collegium Theologica. Siluvain’s protector, though she proved to be a sorceress of no small power herself, was a brash, reckless young elven warrior by the name of Ravandil, quick to prove his skill with sword and bow. The four were among the defiant defenders that rallied at the bridge, preventing the beastmen from sweeping through the rest of the beleaguered settlement. The nine-day battle for Untergard began. Thousands of Imperial troops and Dwarf allies reinforced the town and the bridge became a scene of unbelievable carnage. Stymied, Khazrak destroyed the eastern half of town and took his forces north. The focus of the campaign soon shifted back to Middenheim itself and Untergard seemed safe. Regiment after regiment was called away from Untergard to strengthen Imperial forces elsewhere. The survivors began to rebuild.

The eastern half of town was so thoroughly destroyed that it had to be temporarily abandoned. Untergard natives, plus many refugees from even less fortunate settlements, went to work in the ruins. The task of burying the dead took weeks and the rotting corpses caused a contagion that further reduced the survivors’ numbers.

The population of Untergard was reduced to around seventy five people, mostly peasants and burghers. All able-bodied residents including Talin and his new found companions were expected to contribute to the town’s defence, standing guard duty on the town walls and the river-front palisade for a few hours a day in addition to their normal activities. The was effectively under martial law, run by Gerhard Schiller, the Captain of the Watch.

Pflugzeit: Imperial Year 2522

21st Aubentag
Untergard – meet captain schiller, granny moescher, father dietrich, Hans the woodsman
Encounter Mutants

22nd Marktag
Leave Untergard with townsfolk as beastman warband in area.

23rd Backertag
Pass by Grimminhagen – Meet Gunter, Graf Sternhauer’s bailiff
Talin finds black stone
Encounter wood elf patrol

24th Bezahltag
Pass by Immelscheld
Discover ambushed convoy
Given icon by father Dietrich, Encounter with Granny Moescher

27th Festag
Arrive in Middenheim
Meet Silas Greenhill (Blazing Hearth)
Meet Werner Wutend (The Last Drop)

28th Wellentag
Father Morten murdered after given Icon.
Meet watch commander Ulrich Schutzman
Investigate recent deaths, find Ordo Fidelis grave

29th Aubentag
Meet Deputy High Wizard Janna Eberhauer
Talin acquires keys to brewery
Siluvain joins wizards & alchemists guild

30th Marktag
Encounter Snikkit Blackblade and skaven (including Skampaw)
Talin contracts Galloping Scumpox
Find icon frame and carving of ‘bloody’ skull

31st Backertag
Talin begins treatment at Shallyan temple

Sigmarzeit: Imperial Year 2522

Talin fully healed

Summoned to temple of Ulric
Meet Fathers Ranulf and Odo
Tasked to retrieve Brass Skull

Leave Middenheim
Arrive in Elsterweld (Dancing Hare)
Meet Emmerich Handler locked in pit, falsely accused by Lars the Bounty Hunter

Arrive in Jagerhausen (Greene Lion)
Meet Heidi and Gretchen Handler
Return to Elsterwald
Meet Captain Leonhard Kurtz
Prove Emmerich’s innocence, Talin gives him a job at the brewery

Toll House (ruined) – Great North Road
Wolves spotted at night

Find butchered pilgrims, Gretel
Return to Toll House
Encounter with goblins, rescue Bianka von Radische

Arrive in Kleindorf (in Schadensumpf) (Pig and Duck)
Prevent Moritz from kidnapping Bianka
Receive Moritz’s cart as reward

Arrive in Bokel
Return Bianka safely to Wilhelm Niederlitz (the late Baron’s steward)
Get pittance as a reward!

Drakwald Forest (South of Bokel)
Investigate Shrine, Encounter Minotaur, Blood-spectres and traps
Find Brass Skull
Return to Bokel for Healing

Return to Kleindorf
Ravandil dons Brass Skull, stopped by Talin

Pursued by beastmen, Ravandil almost killed after leaping from cart onto centigor and severing its spine
Aided by witch hunters
Meet Matthias Hoffer, Jakob Bauer and Ulrich Fischer

Return to Elsterweld
Talin steals walking stick for Meunchbek

Return to Middenheim
Mutants in temple of Ulric
Meet High Priest Klaus Liebnitz
Investigate well poisoners
Uhtred saves Talin from evil ratcatcher
Encounter cult of the Purple Hand
Tricked and Imprisoned by High Priest Liebnitz
Skampaw aids escape

Meet High Capitular Stolz as Bauer arrested
Investigate ‘Sword & Flail’
Meet Gerhard Heller ‘Man of Scars’ (Inn Keeper)
Encounter cult of Crimson Skull
Rescue Johan Opfer

Jakob Bauer’s trial
Ravandil saved from traitorous Ulrican templars by Skampaw?
Steal chest from Liebnitz – Johan’s head inside
Meet professor Zweistein
DEFEAT LIEBNITZ & XATHRODOX in climatic battle in temple of Ulric

Siluvain begins studies with Professor Zweistein at Collegium Theologica

Thugs working for Werner Wutend break into brewery, “Werner wants his usual goods”
Masked Spectre appears and kills thieves
Demands from Talin that he returns an item stolen by his uncle

Muenchbek meets old friend Vukotich
Talin hires Vukotich as Brewery guard

Approached by ‘Manny’ (Wilhelm’s Man-servant)
Meet Wilhelm Schwarzwald
Ravandil, Meunchbek and Uhtred offered employment

Ravandil, Meunchbek and Uhtred leave Middenheim

Talin threatened by Masked Spectre again
Talin leaves Middenheim

Encounter ghost of Johann Gespent

Arrive in Bergsberg
Meet Stefan Schwarzwald and Mercenaries
Ravandil arranges proper burial of Johann’s remains

Arrive in Heedenhof
Reunion of Wilhelm and Stefan
Ravandil meets sister of Johann and is given reward

Sommerzeit: Imperial Year 2522

Arrive in the Moot

Arrive in Schwarzwald
Meet Sigmund, Liselle Schwarzwald and Malucius(Jester)
Encounter with Skaven in crypt/mines
Ravandil finds magical blade

Scout out Schwarzhaffen
Encounter with Wight

Talin arrives in Schwarzwald with Halfling mercenaries
Battle of Schwarzhaffen
Encounter with Heinrich and Nurgle Daemons
Talin cuts off Meunchbek’s hand

Final Feast
Stefan kills Sigismund, Ravandil kills Malucius
Wilhelm is new Graf of Schwarzwald

Wilhelm gives task; find who gave daemonology tomes to Heinrich

Leave Schwarzwald
Pass Averland troops heading to Schwarzwald

Return to Moot
Meet the 3 brothers

Encounter with river pirates

Arrive in Averheim

Vorgeheim: Imperial Year 2522

Arrive in Nuln

Talin’s birthday

Arrive in Altdorf
Thugs attack Muenchbek

Follow Witch Hunter
Encounter mutant camp

Arrive in Marienburg

Leave aboard ship (the ) bound for Bretonnia
Meet Captain Christiaan Van Der Haag

100th day of campaign
Eagle bears message from Siluvain
See burning ship on horizon

Tybalt’s birthday
Find strange glass mask amid flotsam

Shipwrecked in Dragon’s Maw

Run aground in Bretonnia
Meet Guilles
Arrive in Lion-sur-mer
Rescue *
Meet Tybalt
Encounter with skaven and raid

Muenchbek & Ravandil leave in early hours

M&R encounter Skampaw

M&R arrive at Forest of Arden

Talin buys disgusting food from filthy peasants

Arrive in L’Anguille
M, R & S arrive at Rotten Stump

Meet Darrip
Docks and Shattered Compass flood
Discover mutant temple

Leave L’Anguille
Arrive in Cirac
Imprisoned by XXX
Meet XXX
Investigate barrow, encounter with Wight, Uhtred diseased
Note about ‘B.S.’ in Altdorf
“My contacts in the capital tell me that an unidentified relic has been brought to Altdorf by one of our rivals. From the brief description, it sounds like it could be the Dagger of Yul K’chaum. Like that artefact, this one is described as an iron dagger inscribed with dark runes of power. Its hilt is said to be in the shape of a skull with three eyes. I leave now for Altdorf. If this is the Dagger of Yul K’chaum, it must be kept out of the hands of the wrong people at all costs – B.S.”

Leave Cirac
Meet wise old crone – heals Uhtred and tells fortunes
Return to L’Anguille

Holy Day : Dwarf Gods
Leave L’Anguille on ship bound for Marienburg

Nachgeheim: Imperial Year 2522

Return to Marienburg
Talin visits gentlemens club – sets business deals and buys wagon
Meets Rosey XXX, love at first sight!

Leave Marienburg
Meet Wolfgang – Bright wizard
Meet Cartwright and children

Muench & Rav : Wood Elves ambush slave column
Ravandil injured by warpstone

Arrive at Holthusen
Tybalt leaves for Bogenhafen

Encounter with Beastmen
Uhtred takes responsibility for Orphans
Muench arrives at Jouinard

Arrive at Hartsklein
Meet Joseph Quartjin

Return to Altdorf
Tybalt arrives in Bogenhafen
Talin goes drinking with Joseph
Darrip lodges with Wolfgang
Uhtred enroles children in temple
Muench arrives in Helmgart

Meet Dieter Klemperer and Theodora Pherig
Encounter Letter Daemon
Reunited with Siluvain
Talin’s house and Uhtred’s room are burgled

Visit Light college, meet Konrad Messner
Meet Lord Frederick Von Walder
Encounter with thugs outside temple
Siluvain summoned to High Elf embassy

Meet Lady Baern, see Katharina and Gabrielle
Visit Jade College, meet Guillaume Deschamps
Encounter Nargond and Siegfried
Talin joins Altdorf Thieves guild, meets Arne

Meet Gottri Hammerfist and Klara Roban
Encounter Adelbert Greft
Meet Solveig Thudrun
Visit Bright college
Encounter with mirror vampire
Wolfgang offers to help with ritual

Encounter with Chaos child and frenzied shoppers
Darrip evades watch and meets Katharina and Gabrielle
Uhtred encounters thugs, Ravandil returns!
Ravandil and Uhtred break Muenchbek out of Sanitarium
Ravandil and Darrip return to Light college

Ravandil duels with Templar then meets High Elf Prince at embassy
Mutant ambush by Man of Scars
Meet Mordin
Speak to Klara Roban, get Gottri confined
Get Dagger of Yul Kachum
Escape assassins
Tricked into evil ritual by Wolfgang – manage to kill him
Big fight with Xathrodox in Amethyst college cemetery – Muench fights Skampaw
Essence of Xathrodox is destroyed!

Children abducted from temple
Muenchbek put in care of Shallyans
Ravandil visits Siluvain – High elves are returning to Ulthuan as war brewing
Tybalt leaves Bogenhafen

Vision of Templar and his companions fighting the Deceiver seen at Talin’s home
Ravandil takes pauldron to embassy, learns of ancient city of Mormacar far to the north in Norsca
Darrip checks heraldry, learns of Templar’s old farm in Stirland
Talin hosts party, beds Rosey, meets Genevieve, learns of Uncle’s past and is warned about men coming for him

Witch Hunter and Breton call for Talin
Talin leaves hastily for Middenheim
Katharina discovers records of Templar have been destroyed

Ravandil discovers Talin has left Altdorf

Speak with Lord Frederick about expedition to find Mormacar
Arrange to meet at Lord Frederick’s estate in Talabheim
Tybalt arrives in Altdorf

Darrip learns of trouble in Bretonnia
Darrip leaves Altdorf, much to Katharina’s unhappiness

Katharina learns of extended family expedition to Stirland

Katharina burns down watch house
Party leaves Altdorf aboard XXX

Pass castle Reiksguard
Talin arrives in Middenheim

Talin begins search of Brewery

Erntezeit: Imperial Year 2522

Talin finds secret room under brewery
Avoids ancient dwarven traps
Finds ‘Recipe Book’

Arrive at Kemperbad
Darrip arrives in Jouinard, Bretonnia

Attacked by Wolf Riders in Nattern forest
Arrive at Unterbaum, Orcs attack at nightfall

Cross river Ach
Pursued by Dark Templar
Uhtred captured – rescued by Ravandil and woodsman Dieter Blunt (Dieter’s son is killed)
Dieter is searching for ‘Silver Pinnacle’ as his wife was taken by evil women
Mordin, Katharina find eerie standing stones
Arrive in Klam

Ravandil and Uhtred arrive in Klam
Punch up between Ravandil and Kislevite
Meet Jaeger
Morrite Templars arrive (fought Orcs)
Meet Dante and Lowenstein
Mordin hit with a poker by old crone!

Arrive in Munzhausen
Darrip arrives in Gisoreux

Katharina and Alessandro head for Wurtbad
Arrive in Pramet – Red Mule
Enter Archery contest
Murder investigation

Ravandil wins contest
Meets Gregoire and Khalid (Dark Elf)
Uhtred visits priory, given Templar’s book. Priest suffers gory fate as book handed over. Hannie (Animus) slaughters priests while looking for Uhtred. Skampaw helps Uhtred escape but both severely injured jumping from cliff. Uhtred about to kill Skampaw until ratman tells him he’ll never find the children if he does..
Red Mule attacked by Dark Templar

Ravandil and Jaeger enter Zaya hills
Mordin, Gregoire and Khalid fight Troll in river Teichl
Uhtred and Skampaw chased from Oberwil
Katharina and Alessandro arrive in Wurtbad

Ravandil and Jaeger encounter orc warband
Attempt to free children but forced to flee
Uhtred and Skampaw find St Abelards. Fight beastmen. Learn of Chalice of Wrath and discover Nuln officer’s sword where chalice should have been. Discover mutilated nuln soldiers dumped in shed – no officer.

Ravandil and Jaeger discover ruin of Templar’s farm
Meet Genevieve
Ravandil learns of Aunt being with Templar, and her death at hands of Witch Hunter. Learns of Templars murderous vengeance. Receives aunts dragon pendant from Genevieve.
Discover ‘Iron Tomb’ behind waterfall near farm. Double headed eagle signs and strange bulky humanoid skeleton.
Forced to flee by large number of wolf riders
Uhtred encounters Muenchbek and Sister Elise. Skampaw vanishes.

Uhtred and co arrive in Wurtbad

Ravandil sends raven with message to Siluvain

Ravandil arrives in Wurtbad

Raven arrives in Altdorf
Ravandil works as assassin, Muench works in docks

Leave Wurtbad, arrive in Hermdorf
Siluvain leaves Altdorf

Arrive at Lieske
Talin arrives in Talagaad

Arrive at Uckrofurt

Arrive at Waldfahrt
Under siege by orcs
Fight with warboss on wyvern

Arrive in Talagaad
Meet Herman and Matthias Keller
Learn that access to Talabheim is by permit only
Mordin ends up in scrap with locals

Meet magistrate Hohenloe – take job escorting refugees to earn permit

Siluvain arrives in Talagaad
Uhtred hunts wolf with Matthias and earns his pelt
Ravandil finds Muenchbek gambling in dodgy tavern owned by villainous Halfling, Scully
Ravandil enters pit fight competition to prove his martial prowess – defeats the champion Zanzibar in the final. Ravandil learns from Scully that Talin was in Talagaad days earlier selling ‘supplies’. Scully helped get Talin a forged permit to enter Talabheim but Talin cheated him out of money. Scully offers Ravandil women, wine and narcotics if he brings Talin back to him.

Ravandil, Uhtred and Mordin leave Talagaad with refugees

Ogres attack refugees
Mordin gets cannon from slain ogre leadbelcher

Matthias Keller found murdered
Regimus Janicke revealed as killer, and dumped in river by Ravandil

Brauzeit: Imperial Year 2522

Mittherbst (Autumn Equinox)
Refugee child found to have ‘Grey Ague’

Ravandil, Uhtred and Mordin arrive in Bad Dankerode
They leave immediately
Uhtred becomes ill

Katharina and Alessandro become ill

Ravandil, Uhtred and Mordin discover Skaven tracks

Ravandil, Uhtred and Mordin return to Taalagad which is rife with plague
Speak to Elise and Shallyans
Investigate Widenhoft’s house
Confront Captain Nierhaus
Siluvain delivers bad news to Ravandil about his father – Ravandil disappears into the forest gripped with rage

Meet Eladio

Encounter zealots
Ravandil returns
Eladio leads party through the ‘Dragon’s Tongue’
Encounter skaven Plague Monks
Arrive in Talabheim

Lodge in Black Lantern in Tallows
Mordin meets Sugnar
All move to Three-Apples Inn
Ravandil meets Yavandir
Alessandro and Katharina become very ill
Meet Ulthvas Daubler

Ravandil attacks thugs for Yavandir
Alessandro dies from the ague
Uhtred heads to temple with remaining knights of the white wolf
Elise takes Katharina out of city to Crystal Lakes in search of cure
Mordin creates retractable blade for Ravandil
Parliament calls all able bodied men to arms
Ravandil, Uhtred and Muenchbek sign up for watch duty – given sewer detail
Uhtred and other white wolves train militia


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