Sins of the Fathers

The Battle for Talabheim

The first blow falls
Taalbaston undermined
Barricades charged – Eckmorkast Sparker
Fight for the Grand Manor – Countess Elise Captured
Skirmishers and snipers in the manor district
The Law Quarter – Warpfire Throwers
Second Phase
Fight for the Heldenhammer Temple – Row of Gods
Defence of Stonehome and the Law District
Talabheims Fall
Large force of Rat Ogres emerge in Geltwold
Asorak Steeleye and Balthazar Skell unleash their sorcery
The Aftermath
Temple of Myrmidia and Stonehome Secure
The Grey Seer’s announcement: Obelisk of Laws destroyed, Lord Frederick killed
Population enslaved – Nobles and remaining knights in Dankerode
Work begins on enormous wooden structures: Steeleye Overseeing project in Dragon’s Home

Founding a resistance
Mutants in Vateresche
Knights of the Verdant Field
Contacting Slaves: Jirl Gladisch(Merchant), Silke Arendt(Knight), Honorius Kippenberg(Engineer), Jorn(Criminal), Carsta Heinz(Baker), Tobal Rounderbend(Horticulturalist)
Gathering Information
Steeleye in Law Quarter, Sparker wanders and never sleeps, Balthazar in Grand Manor, the Suppurator in the Tallows (enemy of Asorak)
Green Fumes arise in Dragon’s Home – building large trebuchet
Walther “Mad Man” Gopfert – Sister Irmgard, worked in Sanitorium. Walther spoke Queekish
Smuggling food and equipment into city – beating ploughshares into swords
Sortie to south quarry – dozen kegs of dwarf gunpowder
Sabotage building projects – kill key skaven
Taalbaston guarded by stormvermin and skryre skirmishers – needs multiple distraction to draw them out

Ominous shots
Month later – all slave activity stopped for a day. Four large glass spheres thrown from Dragon’s Home towards Taalbaston. Last one shattered at the top. Other siege engines tested. Ranging to fire over the Taalbaston.
Walther tells that Skaven normally enact plans on 13th day of month or when morrslieb full. Realise both will occur.
Large number of zombies in Grand Manor. Balthazar practicing hideous necromancy – preparing ritual.
Learn that huge imperial army camped outside Taalbaston.
Sizeable number of Skaven in Tallows that despise Asorak. Meeting with the Plague Priest Nelrich the Suppurater. Nelrich wants revenge and to escape. Will attack Taalbaston. Characters forced to drink vile fluid – become carriers of plague that kills skaven.

The second battle for talabheim
Convince forces outside city to prepare for grand assault.
The revolt planned for the 12th.
Massive slave revolt, snatching up hidden caches of makeshift weapons–
Series of co-ordinated explosions –
Myrmidians storm out of temple –
Remaining Knights thunder into Guildrow –
Swift militia move through manor district –
Stonehome dwarves sally forth –
Assault on Dragon’s Home – Massive device, elongated cannon crossed with catapult (Man-Thing Army-Breaker).
Merchants Guild has become factory. Cadavers fed in at one end and become noxious gas inserted into large glass globes.
Showdown with Asorak
Showdown with Balthazar


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