Sins of the Fathers

Pflugzeit: Imperial Year 2522

21st Aubentag
Untergard – meet captain schiller, granny moescher, father dietrich, Hans the woodsman
Encounter Mutants

22nd Marktag
Leave Untergard with townsfolk as beastman warband in area.

23rd Backertag
Pass by Grimminhagen – Meet Gunter, Graf Sternhauer’s bailiff
Talin finds black stone
Encounter wood elf patrol

24th Bezahltag
Pass by Immelscheld
Discover ambushed convoy
Given icon by father Dietrich, Encounter with Granny Moescher

27th Festag
Arrive in Middenheim
Meet Silas Greenhill (Blazing Hearth)
Meet Werner Wutend (The Last Drop)

28th Wellentag
Father Morten murdered after given Icon.
Meet watch commander Ulrich Schutzman
Investigate recent deaths, find Ordo Fidelis grave

29th Aubentag
Meet Deputy High Wizard Janna Eberhauer
Talin acquires keys to brewery
Siluvain joins wizards & alchemists guild

30th Marktag
Encounter Snikkit Blackblade and skaven (including Skampaw)
Talin contracts Galloping Scumpox
Find icon frame and carving of ‘bloody’ skull

31st Backertag
Talin begins treatment at Shallyan temple



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