Sins of the Fathers

Erntezeit: Imperial Year 2522

Talin finds secret room under brewery
Avoids ancient dwarven traps
Finds ‘Recipe Book’

Arrive at Kemperbad
Darrip arrives in Jouinard, Bretonnia

Attacked by Wolf Riders in Nattern forest
Arrive at Unterbaum, Orcs attack at nightfall

Cross river Ach
Pursued by Dark Templar
Uhtred captured – rescued by Ravandil and woodsman Dieter Blunt (Dieter’s son is killed)
Dieter is searching for ‘Silver Pinnacle’ as his wife was taken by evil women
Mordin, Katharina find eerie standing stones
Arrive in Klam

Ravandil and Uhtred arrive in Klam
Punch up between Ravandil and Kislevite
Meet Jaeger
Morrite Templars arrive (fought Orcs)
Meet Dante and Lowenstein
Mordin hit with a poker by old crone!

Arrive in Munzhausen
Darrip arrives in Gisoreux

Katharina and Alessandro head for Wurtbad
Arrive in Pramet – Red Mule
Enter Archery contest
Murder investigation

Ravandil wins contest
Meets Gregoire and Khalid (Dark Elf)
Uhtred visits priory, given Templar’s book. Priest suffers gory fate as book handed over. Hannie (Animus) slaughters priests while looking for Uhtred. Skampaw helps Uhtred escape but both severely injured jumping from cliff. Uhtred about to kill Skampaw until ratman tells him he’ll never find the children if he does..
Red Mule attacked by Dark Templar

Ravandil and Jaeger enter Zaya hills
Mordin, Gregoire and Khalid fight Troll in river Teichl
Uhtred and Skampaw chased from Oberwil
Katharina and Alessandro arrive in Wurtbad

Ravandil and Jaeger encounter orc warband
Attempt to free children but forced to flee
Uhtred and Skampaw find St Abelards. Fight beastmen. Learn of Chalice of Wrath and discover Nuln officer’s sword where chalice should have been. Discover mutilated nuln soldiers dumped in shed – no officer.

Ravandil and Jaeger discover ruin of Templar’s farm
Meet Genevieve
Ravandil learns of Aunt being with Templar, and her death at hands of Witch Hunter. Learns of Templars murderous vengeance. Receives aunts dragon pendant from Genevieve.
Discover ‘Iron Tomb’ behind waterfall near farm. Double headed eagle signs and strange bulky humanoid skeleton.
Forced to flee by large number of wolf riders
Uhtred encounters Muenchbek and Sister Elise. Skampaw vanishes.

Uhtred and co arrive in Wurtbad

Ravandil sends raven with message to Siluvain

Ravandil arrives in Wurtbad

Raven arrives in Altdorf
Ravandil works as assassin, Muench works in docks

Leave Wurtbad, arrive in Hermdorf
Siluvain leaves Altdorf

Arrive at Lieske
Talin arrives in Talagaad

Arrive at Uckrofurt

Arrive at Waldfahrt
Under siege by orcs
Fight with warboss on wyvern

Arrive in Talagaad
Meet Herman and Matthias Keller
Learn that access to Talabheim is by permit only
Mordin ends up in scrap with locals

Meet magistrate Hohenloe – take job escorting refugees to earn permit

Siluvain arrives in Talagaad
Uhtred hunts wolf with Matthias and earns his pelt
Ravandil finds Muenchbek gambling in dodgy tavern owned by villainous Halfling, Scully
Ravandil enters pit fight competition to prove his martial prowess – defeats the champion Zanzibar in the final. Ravandil learns from Scully that Talin was in Talagaad days earlier selling ‘supplies’. Scully helped get Talin a forged permit to enter Talabheim but Talin cheated him out of money. Scully offers Ravandil women, wine and narcotics if he brings Talin back to him.

Ravandil, Uhtred and Mordin leave Talagaad with refugees

Ogres attack refugees
Mordin gets cannon from slain ogre leadbelcher

Matthias Keller found murdered
Regimus Janicke revealed as killer, and dumped in river by Ravandil



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