Sins of the Fathers

Brauzeit: Imperial Year 2522

Mittherbst (Autumn Equinox)
Refugee child found to have ‘Grey Ague’

Ravandil, Uhtred and Mordin arrive in Bad Dankerode
They leave immediately
Uhtred becomes ill

Katharina and Alessandro become ill

Ravandil, Uhtred and Mordin discover Skaven tracks

Ravandil, Uhtred and Mordin return to Taalagad which is rife with plague
Speak to Elise and Shallyans
Investigate Widenhoft’s house
Confront Captain Nierhaus
Siluvain delivers bad news to Ravandil about his father – Ravandil disappears into the forest gripped with rage

Meet Eladio

Encounter zealots
Ravandil returns
Eladio leads party through the ‘Dragon’s Tongue’
Encounter skaven Plague Monks
Arrive in Talabheim

Lodge in Black Lantern in Tallows
Mordin meets Sugnar
All move to Three-Apples Inn
Ravandil meets Yavandir
Alessandro and Katharina become very ill
Meet Ulthvas Daubler

Ravandil attacks thugs for Yavandir
Alessandro dies from the ague
Uhtred heads to temple with remaining knights of the white wolf
Elise takes Katharina out of city to Crystal Lakes in search of cure
Mordin creates retractable blade for Ravandil
Parliament calls all able bodied men to arms
Ravandil, Uhtred and Muenchbek sign up for watch duty – given sewer detail
Uhtred and other white wolves train militia



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